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19. Universitaria, aprendiendo a vivir conmigo misma. ah y futura criadora de cockers :3
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Italian digital illustrator Simona Bonafini’s new series “Selfie Fables” imagines Disney characters as selfie obsessed Instagram users of the fairy tale world.


I had just come from an early morning SoulCycle class and had forgotten to eat breakfast. So when I got to the office it hit me: I was really, really, really, super, super, duper hungs. Hungs? As in like famished. I was legit about to pour myself a bowl of banana peppers when I spotted it.

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We’re not friends. And it’s important to me that you acknowledge that.

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Taylor Swift wins the pinnacle award at the CMA

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Realizing that there’s only a week until 1989 is released…

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Las grandes cosas comienzan siendo pequeñas.
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